About Us

What is ForUsBala

In Sanskrit, Bala means “child”, and ForUsBala stands for the epitome of humanity – Children ! Our Children mean the world to us, and they deserve the best – Like ForUsBala’s Clothing.

Our 25+ years of Industry Experience combined with our sustainable outlook in using only Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes in our Clothing Range makes us the Best choice you can make in clothing for your kids.

After all, our kids mean everything to us , don’t they ? ForUsBala !

Not limiting ourselves to kids clothing, we extend our expertise to B2B Sector also. We cater reliable Sourcing and Inspection Services for overseas clients to find the best manufacturing opportunities for their Garment Line. We also undertake manufacturing of Custom Designs in additional to our trendy in-house designs, with a very feasible MOQ volume. Just like Children, Our Clients are come first for us !

Three Reasons why you can choose us

Skin-Safe Naturally Coloured apparels

All our range of clothes are coloured using only selected Natural Dyes extracted from barks and leaves, making sure your kid stays safe while being pampered.

Sustainable Approach

We use organic cotton for our apparels, which limits the use of pesticides in the cotton fields. Also, our usage of only natural dyes makes it possible for the excess water after dyeing to be reused for agriculture.

Social Responsibility

At ForUsBala, we make sure the less fortunate share a portion of our fortune too. For every purchase you make at ForUsBala, you contribute towards a child’s education and well-being. ForUsBala’s future vision is to provide home-schooling for such less-fortunate children to create a platform for their upcoming as a valuable citizen.